Let your eyes change someone's life, Money cannot buy eyes.
It is a gift only you can give.

 Donate your eyes to re-live after your death..................

 << Why & When to Donate your eyes >>

Eye donation gives sight to corneally blind persons. You can be instrumental in getting eyes donated. Eyes are never removed from living person. In case of a death in your family or in friend's circle remember to call an Eye Bank. Eyes have to be removed within 6-8 hrs after death. So, let no time be lost in informing the Eye-Bank. This can be done even if somebody in his/her life had not pledged eyes to any Eye bank. Keep in mind to switch off fans (Keep the A/C on if available) and place wet cotton/cotton swab over closed eyelids. It will keep eye balls moist. Keep the head raised with a pillow. You can make a difference. Let eye donation be your family tradition. Anyone of any age can donate eyes. The donor need not to be taken to an Eye Bank. The team from it will come and take the eyes.

>> Facts About Eye Donation <<

Instructions for Eye Donation

1. Inform the nearest Eye Doctor/Eye Bank/Eye Hospital immediately after death.
2. Eyes are to be collected after death of the donor within 4-6 hours.
3. Eyes of the dead person should be closed and wet cotton put on the eyes.
4. Age and sex are no bar for Eye Donation.
5. Persons with defective vision also can donate their eyes.
6. After the eyes are collected, they are put in special packs and taken to Eye bank.

Make a Pledge 

Do make a pledge to donate your eyes upon your death. Making a pledge is a mental decision and the first step in making your corneas available to someone who is corneally blind. When you make a pledge you must do it along with your family since they are the ones who will need to call the nearest eye bank for removal of the corneas. It is also important that they understand the importance of eye donation and your wish to have your corneas used by another human being. This will spur them into action in their hour of grief. 

In order to sign up as an eye donor, fill in this form . When you do so, an email will be sent to the In-charge Eye Bank, Department Of Ophthalmology, Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital, O/S Chatiwind Gate, Amritsar 143006, who will contact you or mail you a form that you can fill in and return to the Bank.

Alternatively, Please print out the following form and fill it in & send by mail to the:
Rotary Eye Bank, Dr. Daljit Singh Eye Hospital, Mall Road, Amritsar-143001(Punjab).
or call the Eye bank at
Sri Guru Ram Das Charitable Hospital Amritsar
Tel Nos.: +91- 183- 2559527, 2 553668, 2 553667
or contact Dr B.S Dhillon at 0183-2422699 or 9417171802

If you face any difficulty in filling out or submitting this form, 
email at  bsdhillon@healthyeye.org  with the relevant details.

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